A photo of Fullerton College and Cypress College hosting a resource table at NOCE.

Learn more about the transition to college and career services available for NOCE students.  

NOCE is here to help! We have several resources to support you in your career exploration or to set up a plan to continue your education into college or university.

Courses to Help with Transition

Transitioning to Cypress College (IHSS 300)

IHSS 300 is an online course designed to help NOCE High School Diploma, English as a Second Language Academic Success, and all other NOCE students successfully transition to college. The course includes: 

  • Identifying academic goals 
  • Designing a Student Education Plan 
  • Registration, financial aid, and learning resources

The ESL Academic Success Program

The program is designed for Intermediate-Advanced students who are interested in transitioning to college or vocational programs.   

  • Reading and Writing for  Academic Success I (ESLA 1060): Reading for main ideas/details, sentence patterns, and the writing process. 
  • Listening and Speaking for Academic Success I (ESLA 1062): Listening to lectures, note-taking, presentation skills, and critical thinking. 

For more information: 

Please visit the ESL Academic Success Program Page

EOPS Fullerton College – Career Exploration (Counseling 141F – 1 Unit)

The course includes: 

  • Fullerton College and EOPS program overview 
  • Orientation 
  • Financial Aid 
  • Academic Counseling for associate degree 
  • Certificates 
  • University transfer 
  • Campus policies 
  • Campus resources 
  • Priority registration

For more information, contact: 

EOPS Fullerton College 

Phone: 714.992.7097 

Or Visit the Fullerton College EOPS Page

Transition to College and Career Services